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Send value back home easily using digital vouchers

Send digital vouchers to your loved ones in Africa via text and they can spend them instantly at the point of sale or online.

  • Low fees

  • Send in under 2 minutes


Lipaworld has been recognised and selected by established organizations and academic bodies.

Mcdermott rise recipient 2023
2023 Money2020 amplify cohort
black-ambition 2024 cohort
Wharton Africa Business Forum 2024
Startup 302 pitch contest Fintech first place winners 2024
Western Union Foundation
Quick and Affordable

Send more than money with Lipaworld digital vouchers.

Send digital vouchers to anyone in your phonebook in Africa:

  • - Spouse & Children
  • - Parents
  • - Friends & Family members
  • - Work, charity and more

Why Lipaworld?

Here are few reasons why vouchers are better option to sending cash to Africa.

Instant and Payable

Send the digital voucher from any country to Africa and it will arrive in under 2 minutes

Informal sector accepted

Use your digital vouchers across 200,000 approved informal traders using selected point of sale devices.


You can choose how the voucher will be used which gives you total peace of mind.

Are your loved ones undocumented?

No problem. We believe that being able to access necessities is a basic human right. A lack of paperwork should not stop that.

We do it for Africa

Multiple Voucher Partners

Our Solution

Instantly send digital vouchers to Africa that can be used at multiple providers: 1500 retail outlets; electricity and water utilities; schools; medical services and prepaid internet and more:

  • Healthcare (Medical prepaid visits)

  • Utilities (Water and Electricity)

  • Groceries and food (Wholesaler and retail stores)

  • Insurance (Life, funeral and travel)

  • Education (Tertiary education and schools)

  • Shopping (Voucher and gift cards)

  • Communication (Prepaid airtime and Internet)

  • Travel (Bus, train and air travel)

Our Solution

How it Works

Visit Lipaworld.com and start the purchase journey

Quickly sign-up in under 2 minutes.

Verify your identity

Check your email for instructions on how to verify your identity. This step is required for your safety and protection, whilst adhering to the security of your personal information.

Input details of the recipient

Simply the name and mobile number.

Browse through our range of categories

Add the vouchers you want to send into the cart.

Proceed to make a card payment

Safe and secure payment through PayPal, MasterCard or Visa. Lipaworld does not store or process your credit card details.

Lipaworld presents the digital voucher pins to you

We enable you to forward these voucher pins to your recipient eg. via WhatsApp or SMS and they can redeem the goods or services.

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Real Users, Real Reviews

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I used Lipaworld outside of South Africa

I used Lipaworld outside of South Africa and also during my visit back home. Lipaworld provided a more convenient way of purchasing airtime while I was back home in South Africa. Overall it's a great service that delivers on its promise!

James22 May 2024


Simple, fast and convenient. Excellent product.

Takudzwa Chiringa11 April 2024

Fast and efficient

Such a fast and efficient way to send money and vouchers back home. Thanks!

Christopher Els3 July 2024

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